Should Catholic Church Endorse Intelligent Design?

Maria John Peter Selvamani


Evolution continues to be one of the major scientific theories irreconcilable with the Catholic faith due to its atheistic overtones. An op-ed article by Cardinal Schönborn and a book by Michael Chaberek have contended that the Catholic Church has not accepted evolution as a credible theory and propose that the Church should endorse Intelligent Design theory, since it provides the scientific basis for traditional Catholic doctrines. After critically assessing the concerns raised by Schönborn and Chaberek, this paper argues that ID is not science but an ideology, and cannot provide a basis for Catholic theology. Instead of borrowing the design argument of ID, the Church should promote genuine dialogue with evolution. The Catholic theological tradition and scholarship is resilient enough to integrate evolution in interpreting Catholic doctrines for this millennium.


Intelligent design, evolution, Cardinal Schönborn, Chaberek, Catholic faith

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